Dear friends,
Every year, at this time of year, Hollywood is abuzz with speculation about the Oscars. Who will be the best actress? The best supporting actor? I'm not much of a movie buff, so I don't follow these things too closely. But I know the awards matter. Careers are made based on them.
I also know that the winners don't ever win on their own. Behind every winner is a cast and crew of thousands (if you ever watch movie credits you'll see the extremely large team of player that makes a modern film). The stars get their names in big letters and sometimes win awards. But there are many, many others on a team that makes all that possible.
The same could be said about Christ's passion. It has the big stars, and it features bit players, people with small roles, or even walk-ons that drive the plot, move Jesus toward the cross and help us see it all unfold.
Those smaller players are the focus of Lent worship this year. With our friends at Cross of Glory Lutheran, we'll hear about a cast that doesn't get much attention, but nevertheless makes the passion story complete. Only one of the people is even named! (That's Malchus, the high priest's slave who appears in all four gospels, but is only named in John.)

The first part of Lent will be hosted by Cross of Glory, and Prince of Peace will host the last part. Here's the schedule:

Mar 6 Ash Wednesday at Cross of Glory 7 p.m. worship (no soup)

Mar 13 at Cross of Glory (soup at 6, worship at 7) Malchus

Mar 20 at Cross of Glory (soup at 6, worship at 7) Naked Man

Mar 27 at Prince of Peace (soup at 6, worship at 7) Servant Girl

Apr 3 at Prince of Peace (soup at 6, worship at 7) Pilate's Wife

Apr 10 at Prince of Peace (soup at 6, worship at 7) Whipping Soldier

Apr 18 Maundy Thursday at Cross of Glory 7 p.m. worship (no soup) Upper Room owner

Apr 19 Good Friday at Prince of Peace 7 p.m. worship (no soup) Unrepentant Thief

Please join together for soup and for worship. Bring a friend, too! You'll get a chance to hear the meaningful story of Christ's passion with the focus on those who don't get the glitz or glamour, but help God's story of salvation come to pass.
In Jesus' name,

Pr. Todd

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